Coin On Edge

Hello, awesome visitor :)

I am Lawand, a rationalist and minimalist programmer with broad interests, a bit of curiosity and a sense of humor. This is my personal website where I’ll be hosting software and other interesting stuff.

I am interested in esr-style hacking and in permanently solving problems by writing scientifically correct programs. I am enthusiastic about open software and open standards and encourage people to use them because they, unlike their proprietary alternatives, guarantee the freedom of users and their data. I use Ubuntu Linux (Xubuntu, if you want to get technical).

I have learned some programming, especially with C++ and Qt and published some applications. For more info, check out my Curriculum Vitae (CV).

I like thought provoking movies, clever sitcoms such as Futurama, classic rock music (especially when on the road, by the way feel free to ask me about rock music recommendations), logic/puzzle video games and stimulating philosophical conversations. I sometimes sketch while studying. My mother tongue is Arabic but I prefer English. I have also learned some German.

I chose this site’s name “Coin On Edge” because I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by edge cases, highly unlikely events, individualism and lots of other things that can be represented by a coin flipped and expected to be landing on either of its faces, but for some reason landing on its edge instead. Plus I occasionally enjoy good sci-fi shows.